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Our Beauty Practicioners


 We believe in the power of Natural Skincare. We've Curated the Best Holistic Skincare & Wellnesss Practices and can't wait to share our Knowledge & Experience with you.


Asha Allen - Silverstein

Holistic Facialist + Beauty Entrepreneur 

As the owner & Founder of The Beauty Collective,  my mission is to educate as many women as possible about  the Magic of Holistic Skincare! I am obsessed with Natural Beauty and Aging Well without the use of injectables. I believe that the power of Facial Massage, A Traditional Chinese Medicine based Gua Sha Practice & Clean Skincare are all you need to preserve your beauty & contribute to your overall wellbeing. The Act of Caring for your Skin is without a doubt one of the best ways to implement a #selfcare routine that you can stick to and reap the benefits of both aesthetically and on a spiritual level.

Jennie Huor

My philosophy on Beauty has always been focused on purposeful application where less is more - thus highlighting your best features. My Goal is to leave you feeling beautiful & glowing from the inside out.

Whether it be shaping your Brows or a Makeup Application, a Natural but enhanced look is always the goal. I offer Facial Threading for Brow Shaping, Lash and Brow Treatments, Cosmetic Tattoo & Bridal Makeup Services.

Makeup, Brow & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
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