We are A Shared Workspace for Independent Beauty Professionals.

"We offer a ready-made Business Framework from which practitioners can build and develop their own unique Beauty Brands." 



Our Story

" I started The Beauty Collective because I wished that a place like it already existed and I recognized the need for a collaborative workspace for beauty professionals - that wasn’t based on the traditional salon model." A place where each practitioner remains in control of their own unique brand identity - whilst having the community and support of the collective. We offer a framework a beauty business - everything from a shared client base, online booking, marketing initiatives, mentorship, payment systems and of course a professional workspace in a busy Toronto neighbourhood.

I truly believe we are all stronger together when we work together in a collaborative and non- competitive manner."  


- Asha Allen - Silverstein

Makeup Model

How it works


Shared Client Base: Great if you are just starting out and need to build your business. We share an active client base of over one thousand returning customers who trust our recommendations and like the convenience of being able to access industry vetted services all in one location. Each practitioner offers different Niche Services offerings so we're able to refer our clients to other Service providers.

Shared Marketing Initiatives: You can be great at a particular Beauty Service but if you can't effectively market your skills - it's hard to have a thriving Beauty Brand! We collectively use Social Media, Events, Giveaways and just Good old fashioned Networking to Market the Beauty Collective as a whole. We create video and photographic content for social media for all of our members. We actively engage in influencer marketing Campaigns with local Social media influencers on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Beauty Business FrameWork:  We share an online Booking Platform, Payment System and one simple Monthly Rental payment takes care of the bulk of your business expenses. We guide collective members through the process of establishing a Beauty Business in Ontario - everything from insurance, licensing and the best places to procure supplies.

Mentoring: We believe that we are stronger as a unified group and as suchwe take pride in learning and expanding our respective skill sets constantly. We all have different experiences in the Beauty Industry and bring this knowledge base to the table. 

Beauty Services:

We encourage each of our practitioners to experience the myriad of Beauty Services we offer! Not only does this pampering keep us feeling and looking our best - it helps market each other's services to our clients.